Life was going perfectly for me. It was one of the best times I’d ever experienced. After lots of hard work, I was finally promoted to a Teacher’s Aide. I finally had a spot in the classroom and I was looking forward to absorbing as much information I could about teaching.


My relationship with Elisha was also going amazingly. Everytime I came home he was there to greet me, ask me about my day, and tell me all about his. We’d progressed so much over the duration of our relationship. I knew everything about him. His favorite color, favorite band, his lifelong dream to master different instruments. He was giving me a happiness that I had never experienced before.


We had settled into a routine, kinda. I would come home from work. We’d talk. Sometimes he got gigs or played his guitar wherever people would hear him. After we chatted we’d eat dinner, and then we’d always go to bed… in separate rooms. I had given my body to James once before. I always regretted it, but it happened. Maybe it was guilt but I didn’t want to do anything with Elisha to jinx the relationship. It was simple and respectful and I liked that. That didn’t stop people at the school from talking, though, and making fun.


As long as he was happy I was happy. One day he took me to the park to “talk”. I remember it perfectly. It was unseasonably warm and I had the day off. Birds were chirping…. it was like that day I had with James awhile ago. Except this time, the day ended perfectly. I wasn’t expecting it but Elisha proposed! He took my hands real gently, looked into my eyes, and said, “Junie, you’ve made my life nothing short of perfect since we’ve been together.” He then got down on one knee and asked, “Will you be my wife?”


For a second there, I couldn’t breathe, and of course the tears were streaming down my face. The ring was shiny and beautiful.

“Y-Yes! Yes!” I whispered as my breath came back. “Of course!”


The wedding was very simple, but we went to a chapel and spent most of our money on it. I don’t think Elisha really cared one way or another about the ceremony, but I sure did. I didn’t have a ton of friends, but I invited some co-workers, Mama, and Ursula. All eyes were on us. I got jitters halfway through the wedding. It’s a shame that I let my mind wander like that, but I knew that the downside to inviting my coworkers was that they were already making judgements about my wedding and my dress. But they weren’t any better than me, and we all worked at the same place. I pushed the thoughts aside and focused on my very soon-to-be husband.




We read each other our vows and we wrapped each other up in a big kiss. The clapping was amazing, mostly it came from Mama and Ursula, but a few of my coworkers seemed enthusiastic as well. For a few hours we all danced, but I knew that it was my wedding night and I wanted it to be special. Mama promised she’d clean everything up, and she gave me a big hug and kiss, saying she was proud of me. I knew Ursula would catch up with me later. We would have a lot to talk about.


As soon as I got in the house, I went into the bathroom to put on my lingerie. It was pretty and bold. It made me feel so attractive. I was strangely nervous even though I had been excited to share myself with him. I took a deep breath and exited the bathroom with my head held high and a smile on my face. The night was romantic. I enjoyed consummating our marriage, but I enjoyed lying next to him even more. He felt so warm and I knew that marrying him was the right decision.



Elisha and I decided to try to start a family as soon as possible, but we knew that we’d need more stability than my job would give us. He decided to see if he could find any work at the local theater. His skills were impressive and he did very well in his auditions. He had a job before he knew it although it was at the bottom of the rung and it didn’t pay well. Still, we hoped that by the time we had a little family, we’d both have pay raises.


To make this happen faster, we both tried our best to get on everyone’s good side. I felt more confident as a married woman, and now I wanted friends who were also beginning families so that I could arrange future play dates and get advice. Of course, we started looking for these friends at our workplaces to knock out two birds with one stone. My promotion came first which was a relief because I found out I was pregnant that very afternoon!


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      • It’s mostly fixed now. The first three pictures don’t appear on the webpage, but if I click them, I can follow the link to the picture. Also, Screenshots 11, 12, and 14 are the same way.

        Are you still looking into increasing the image size?

        I’ll actually respond to the post in a different comment :).


  1. Wow! Junie is moving so fast now! I guess Elisha was what he appeared to be after all. I’m relieved for Junie. It still seems like she has a lot of growing up to do, though. This is what she’s always wanted, but I still feel like she hasn’t found herself. She keeps talking about how she is happy because he is happy.


    • You’re really great at noticing all the detail of the story which I really appreciate! About the pics, I’m going to attempt to fix the remaining ones and increase the size. Thanks!


      • Thank you! You spin a lovely tale as lovely as your character design! I’m already so concerned about Junie.

        And thank you so much for clicking through and reading my story. This hobby is so much more fun when we’re together as a community.


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